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Clopay Garage Door Materials: Pros and Cons

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

When clients decide which garage door they want, they tend to think mostly in terms of style and design. However, the materials play a big part, not only aesthetically but functionally. Here at Garage Door Repair Mill Valley, we make sure that our clients receive the best garage door materials, to ensure that they last a long time.Clopay Garage Door Materials: Pros and Cons


Clopay has always been a favorite manufacturer of ours, not only because their product lines come in so many beautiful designs, but those doors are made using sturdy and high quality materials. There is no single best material out there it all depends on factors like the client's budget, aesthetics, garage door size, and even the prevailing weather conditions.


Wooden Garage Doors


Most of our residential installations include wood versions. Homeowners love the look of wooden doors, and Clopay produces the best in the industry. There's something about wood that instantly makes your garage look warmer, more aged, and regal. Aesthetically speaking, wood is the best type of material to work with. Clopay offers several types of wood garage doors, and each of them is made from different tree types, finishes, and stains.


The only drawback with wood is that some do cost more than steel or aluminum ones. If you want to install an automatic opener system with a wooden garage door, you will need one that has more horsepower because wood is heavier than other materials. Also, we don't recommend wood for our clients who live in warmer, humid climates and other areas that see drastic weather changes. A harsh environment can degrade the finish quickly, and that means you may have to spend more money on maintenance. A good alternative would be faux wood composites if you want the look of wooden doors, but don't want to deal with high upkeep.


Steel Garage Doors


Most of Clopay's classic steel doors come with composite overlays and ample insulation. Compared to wood, steel is a more practical choice, and Clopay has a distinct line that comes with different insulation levels, layers, and gauges. We recommend steel to anyone who wants durability and flexibility. However, this does not mean that steel doors lack in personality. On the contrary, Clopay makes exquisite steel doors with designs and furnishings like Palladian windows, coped edging, and grilles.


Aluminum Garage Doors


If you live near the coast or in places with caustic environments, aluminum is your best bet. Humidity can tarnish wood finishes and rust steel, but aluminum is a fairly rust and corrosion-resistant material. Aluminum is not a difficult material to work with in terms of designs, and we've found that aluminum garage doors fitted with glass windows actually work best for modern looking homes.

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