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Tips regarding garage doors can be useful at the most awkward time. That’s why it's good to take a look of our tips here and learn a few new things about garage doors. We try to cover the most common needs of people and utilize our knowledge to their advantage through these tips. If you need some garage door buying tips or ideas about maintaining the system properly. Do you know the needs of your garage door? Time to discover them with these tips.

Avoiding garage door repairs

If a garage door is left to stand in an awkward position for long, damage may be incurred to the entire mechanism, eventually leading to a garage door repair job. To prevent this, make sure you always close or open the door entirely, without leaving any space or room. For more information, you are more than welcome to advise one of our professionals.

Preventing frequent garage door repairs

The reversing mechanisms of garage doors are extremely effective in preventing harm and injury. If you need to save both yourself and the garage door from ‘repairing’, test the reversing mechanism often. Place a concrete block on the ground and allow the door to hit it and reverse.

How to change the keypad code

The experts of our company in Mill Valley explain that each brand has a slightly different programming procedure. Though, most of them are similar. For a Liftmaster wireless garage door keypad, for example, you need to enter your current password and press #. You'll see the lights blinking twice. Enter a new password and then press again enter.

Keep track of the weather

Not all garage doors are weatherproof and there are certain times of the year when you might have to apply waterproof coating on your steel garage door or when it might be good to invest on insulators. By keeping track of the weather, you would be able to maintain your garage door better.

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