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Garage Door Springs Cost

Garage Door SpringsThe cost of garage door springs varies since many models and springs are used for different applications. They come out in different sizes and some have unique characteristics. Although they are mostly made of steel, there are also galvanized springs and oil tempered springs. With so many differentiations, prices cannot be fixed. There are many factors determining which springs each garage door would need and the different parameters will give an initial garage door spring cost.

Although they are not expensive, the final cost will also be determined by other factors as well. If the hardware used to secure the springs is either rusty or damaged, it must be replaced as well. So, the cost will go up if you have to buy a new shaft or hooks and bearing plates. You must also calculate the labor garage door spring replacement cost since it will be dangerous to change the springs on your own. Some garage doors do not have only one torsion spring but two, and extension garage door springs must be replaced in pairs. So, the price varies each time.

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