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Vertical Lift and High Lift Garage Doors

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Garage doors have come a long way from being simple gates on hinges and roll downs to the kind we have today that can be accessed through a garage door opener. Imagine the hassle that people back then must have gone through just to park their cars. They literally had to get out, open the gate or door, drive in, and then close the door again. There would be no problems if the door moved on a hinge that can just be pushed or pulled to access. If it was a roller type though, the driver would need a type of latch to keep it hoisted long enough for the car to pass through and park. Fast forward to today where aluminum overhead doors can be accessed with the flick of a switch.Vertical Lift and High Lift Garage Doors

The innovations accessible in these times provide us with the means to achieve the same end using less effort. We even have contingency measures for garage doors in the form of the photo eye sensors. If properly integrated with other door parts, the sensor will be able to determine whether there is an obstruction or not during the opening of the garage and prevent the door panels closing in. The sensor will automatically send a signal to the drive system, which would, according to the way it is programmed, either stop moving or revert back to an open position.

High lift doors are efficient for your garage

It is in this regard that vertical lift doors or high lift doors are perfect for your home installation. For starters, both these types of residential garage doors help not only your car but your entire garage because it will take up less room when it is used or not. Unlike an overhead door that flips open or folds inward when accessed, a vertical lift or high lift hoists the door up, taking up less space in the general area of the opening.

This implies that these types of garage doors are also less prone to accidents since the exposed area is only the general location directly under the door. If ever it were to fall or malfunction, people and property would be safe as long as they stay away from that area. To avoid accidents altogether, garage door maintenance should be done regularly.

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